FOR THE LOVE OF CONTENT MANAGEMENT I AM GOING TO LEARN ABOUT KINJA which apparently has headline limits in length no actually it just has a counter regarding headline length and it's unclear exactly how long headlines can be and if they can be really long or not, but one thing is clear and that is that headlines can't have italics anyway this headline [oh no according to Twitter, which is apparently where you go for Kinja documentation, you can have italics by putting >em< tags into the headline which is admittedly perfectly intuitive i can't believe people don't just know automatically that this CMS supports HTML tags in its headlines anyway back to our show] is 484 characters and I don't know why it's telling me the character count in red maybe if I put my mouse over the red thing nope

THIS WAS ONLY GOING TO BE ABOUT 10 WORDS LONG BUT THEN IT KEPT UNFOLDING AS I WROTE IT, SO HERE IS A POINT I WANT TO MAKE UP FRONT BEFORE PEOPLE USE THIS TO BEAT EACH OTHER: Kinja on the front-end has serious interaction issues, although the larger platform itself is fascinating. It's pretty easy to assign blame to… »6/20/14 8:17am6/20/14 8:17am